Business Computing Support Services

Need new PCs? Not sure where to start looking?
DELL offer the best PC and Laptop deals. We source deliver and setup Dell machines in your business. We charge a flat rate fee for this service. We find you the BEST DELL deal.

PCs Not Booting?

Your computers will not boot, there are error messages, they will only boot in safe mode. These are common problems and our engineers are experienced in finding the cause and applying the solution.

Broadband Internet Problems?
We would be happy to install your business broadband router, set up a connection to the Internet or help with any Internet or e-mail problems you may be experiencing.

Wireless Network Down?

We specialise in wireless networks. We can have these back up within the hour.

PCs running slow?
A memory upgrade is often the solution. Call us and we can quote for an installation.

Virus Problems?
Virus problems can be amongst the hardest to deal with. You will need our professional help to remove the viruses and to minimise the damage they can do to your system.

System Reload?
Sometimes your operating systems can become corrupted by people deleting system files accidentally. We can perform a complete reload of your operating systems. This includes a low level format of your hard drives.

Software Problems?
Are you having problems installing certain software or perhaps you have installed something which has had unexpected side effects? We can help with your software problems.

Hardware Installation
We would be happy to install your network hub, set up connections to the Internet or help with any Internet or e-mail problems you may be experiencing. We install motherboards, memory, hard drives, power supplies, graphics and sound cards, modems, CD/DVD players, floppy drives, etc. We can supply the items or we can install components which you have bought.

We provide training in the use of the most commonly found software, including Windows, Office, Internet Explorer, Outlook & Outlook Express, Publisher, etc. If you require help with software not listed, please ask.