BCS is based in Belfast with engineers also in Ballymena and Coleraine.

We provide call out support to Belfast, Ballymena, Coleraine and surrounding areas.


Our charges for Business Computing Support are low cost and competitive.

We offer 2 options for our business customers:

Option 1.

PC Callout service to your business £39.99 per hour.
Business Broadband Connection Fix £44.99 (no fix no fee)

Option 2

For small business customers who require ongoing maintenance for their office computers, we offer the option of purchasing prepaid hours.

These hours are sold in blocks of 10 or 20 and are offered at a substantial discount from our standard rates.

Prepaid hours have no expiry date, are completely flexible and give priority when booking.

They form the ideal solution for any business that does not want to be committed to a costly maintenance contract, yet requires the reassurance of knowing that its computer and network maintenance needs are taken care of by a forward looking professional company.