Business Broadband Installation and Maintenance

Whether you already have Broadband or are considering it, we can install, configure or fix both cabled and wireless broadband networks in your office. Call us now to book an appointment!

New to Broadband?

At BCS we consult with customers to help find the best Business Broadband provider. We are not tied into any contracts with providers and therefore we can help you select the optimum provider. From single Computer setup, to multiple Computer networks. We can advise on the correct equipment to suit your requirements, as well as address any security concerns you may have.

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Read on to find out about Broadband Technology and what it has to offer!

Here is a summary of what Broadband has to offer:

Superior speeds of up to 560 times faster than a dial-up modem.
An 'always on', 'always available', 24/7 connection.
An unmetered connection - use it as much or as little as you want.
Receive and make voice calls whilst surfing the net.
Available at a monthly charge.

Technology has advanced at pace... DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) is designed to provide home users and small businesses with high-speed, always on, always available unmetered Internet access. DSL technology takes advantage of the spare capacity that's present on your existing BT 'analogue' telephone line by simply converting it into a high-speed 'digital' line, hence the name Digital Subscriber Line or DSL for short.

And because DSL transmits at much higher frequencies than that of a standard telephone line, data can be transferred at far greater speeds than ever thought possible - currently up to an incredible 8 Mbps download speed is available, some 560 times faster than a standard dial-up modem.

Furthermore, because ADSL technology works by splitting your existing telephone line into two separate channels, one for high-speed data and one for voice, you can still receive and make voice calls whilst surfing the net, offering similar benefits to having a second telephone line available free of charge (you still pay your phone operator direct for any voice calls you make). With broadband ADSL, you will never have to miss that all important telephone call ever again. So broadband ADSL is not just a lightning fast Internet connection, it's unmetered, it's always on-line and it's available 24 hours a day!